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Our Craftsmanship

Wayward Irish Spirits is a family-owned whiskey making business located on our 900-year-old estate on the Lakes of Killarney. With our expertise and passion for traditional Irish whiskey making, we craft exceptional Irish whiskeys that are rich in flavor and history.

Our signature whiskey is a blend of hand-selected grains and pure spring water from the Lakes of Killarney. We also offer single malt whiskey and limited edition releases, each with its own unique flavor profile and story to tell.

Our distillery is a modern facility that combines the latest technology with traditional whiskey making techniques. Our master distiller oversees every step of the process to ensure the highest quality and consistency in every bottle.

Our family estate on the Lakes of Killarney provides the perfect environment for crafting exceptional Irish whiskeys. The pristine water, clean air, and rich soil contribute to the unique flavor and character of our whiskeys.

At Wayward Irish Spirits, we are committed to preserving the rich tradition of Irish whiskey making while also innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality whiskeys that honor our heritage and delight whiskey lovers around the world.

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